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Simply Holiday Deals is a UK travel deals and destination site. Our goal is to help our members travel the world at discounted prices.

We relentlessly search, compare and inform our members how to find the best travel deals. Simply Holiday Deals was established in 2013 and has quickly grown. We have over 100,000 individuals in the UK that regularly visit or one of our properties.

Recent Press Releases

20 March 2017
Survey Reveals Brits Aren’t Deterred from 2017 Summer Holidays

4 Feb 2017
Survey Reveals Trump’s Travel Ban is Surprisingly Popular with UK Travellers

14 Jan 2017
Graphic Reveals Asia’s Cheapest Cities for 2017 Travel

28 Dec 2016
Europe’s Cheapest Cities for 2017 Travel Revealed

12 Oct 2016
Winter Holiday Survey Reveals Surprising Results from UK Travellers

4 Oct 2016
Infographic Warns Travellers to Exercise Caution at London Tube Stations

21 June 2016
New Simply Holiday Deals Survey Reveals Exactly How Valuable Travel Insurance Can Be

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