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Member Travel and Holiday Photos

We have asked our awesome members to submit their own travel and holiday photos to help inspire the community. Below are a collection of travel photos that have been submitted along with title, description and location. We hope these travel photos inspire your next trip or holiday and if nothing else simply provide a bit of cheer in your day. Enjoy! #‎shdmembersrock‬

  • Rooftops & Turrets of Morocco

    Submitted by

    Neil Hedge on 23 April, 2016; Ouarzazate, Morocco

    Exploring the kasbahs and fortresses invOuarzazate is like going back to the middle ages

  • The gorgeous Lake District

    Submitted by

    Janet Dring on 21 April, 2016; Friars Crag looking onto Derwentwater

    You cannot beat the Lake District for its gorgeous scenery

  • The Colosseum

    Submitted by

    Hannah Smith on 20 April, 2016; Rome

    Lovely sunny day at the Colosseum in Rome

  • Permanent sarcophagus

    Submitted by

    Kamara Harding on 19 April, 2016; Siem Reap, Cambodia

    This stunning temple is centuries old, deep in an area of Cambodia that has only recently be demined and marked safe to visit. The trees have grown roots that envelope the temple walls stunningly.

  • Mrs

    Submitted by

    susan surgeoner on 18 April, 2016; Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

    These are the dark hedges in Northern Ireland, famous as a location in the Game of Thrones series

  • Thame in the Shadows

    Submitted by

    Danielle Spencer on 18 April, 2016; Thame, Oxfordshire

    Walking through the lovely town of Thame, I came across this beautiful bridge on a sunny afternoon. Some great natural walks in Oxfordshire.

  • Hong Kong Skyline

    Submitted by

    Nick Thompson on 18 April, 2016; Hong Kong

    A trip to see my sister who lives in Hong Kong meant seeing this incredible view every day.

  • The Earth showing its true colours

    Submitted by

    Lauren Mcdougall on 17 April, 2016; Grand Prismatic Spring

    A true example of the beauty and power of nature.

  • Winter walk

    Submitted by

    lisa evans on 17 April, 2016; Llangollen

    Went for a family walk to come across this huge icicles, couldn't resist taking a photo.

  • Stunning beauty

    Submitted by

    claire blaney on 17 April, 2016; villandry chateau in france

    Garden creations what you can achieve if you put your mind to it

  • Tree

    Submitted by

    sian hallewell on 17 April, 2016; Apley Telford

    Just found this tree so beautiful to look at, I wanted to share it

  • A Weight Off His Shoulders.

    Submitted by

    Sophie Barnett on 17 April, 2016; Arenal, Costa Rica

    During our trip across Costa Rica, we saw astounding leaf cutter ants going about their business. It's incredible tot think that they can lift more than 50 times their own body weight.

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