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Member Travel and Holiday Photos

We have asked our awesome members to submit their own travel and holiday photos to help inspire the community. Below are a collection of travel photos that have been submitted along with title, description and location. We hope these travel photos inspire your next trip or holiday and if nothing else simply provide a bit of cheer in your day. Enjoy! #‎shdmembersrock‬

  • Wild Kookaburras waiting for lunch

    Submitted by

    Stuart Dunlop on 29 May, 2016; Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia

    These wild Kookaburras come down once a day to have a free meal, before flying off again.

  • Family Hols

    Submitted by

    Zoe Comley on 29 May, 2016; The Alps, France

    First time skiing with the family, we loved every minute

  • Rockcliffe Rainbow

    Submitted by

    Simon Whaley on 29 May, 2016; Rockcliffe, Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland

    An evening walk to the beach at Rockcliffe revealed a wonderful rainbow.

  • Elephant selfie

    Submitted by

    Holly Pickford on 29 May, 2016; Thailand

    The best moment of my trip! This handsome guy is 66 and currently living at a sanctuary in Thailand. To get to meet him was incredible!

  • Beautiful Sunset

    Submitted by

    Kayley Hill on 29 May, 2016; Spain

    Best sunset iv ever seen and the best view from a hotel room on the beach

  • Most beautiful beach in Cornwall

    Submitted by

    YOUNG HA YOU on 29 May, 2016; Sennen beach, Cornwall, England

    Sennen beach had lovely clear blue water with fine sands. On a sunny day, you could easily imagine yourself to be in the mediterranean.

  • Beautiful sea

    Submitted by

    Caroline Pritchard on 29 May, 2016; Iceland

    Cruising the Icelandic waves

  • Las Vegas sign

    Submitted by

    Eric Jones on 29 May, 2016; Las Vegas

    The famous 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign is world famous but have you wondered what is on the other side?

  • You shall not pass!

    Submitted by

    Victoria Norris on 29 May, 2016; Scottish Highlands

    Highland 'Coo' in the Scottish Highlands. you don't mess with those horns!

  • Halong Bay

    Submitted by

    Helen Plant on 29 May, 2016; Vietnam

    A lone junk boat cruises Halong Bay.

  • Memorable Sunset

    Submitted by

    Claire Nutman on 29 May, 2016; Bodrum Peninsula

    Sun saying goodbye to a heat filled lazy day !

  • Lift with a Special View

    Submitted by

    Claire Nutman on 29 May, 2016; Bodrum Peninsula

    The awesome walkway to the hotel lift overlooking the deep blue sea.

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