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Member Travel and Holiday Photos

We have asked our awesome members to submit their own travel and holiday photos to help inspire the community. Below are a collection of travel photos that have been submitted along with title, description and location. We hope these travel photos inspire your next trip or holiday and if nothing else simply provide a bit of cheer in your day. Enjoy! #‎shdmembersrock‬

  • Sunset

    Submitted by

    Steve Higgins on 31 May, 2016; Mauritius

    This was taken on a holiday to Mauritius last year

  • Rynek Glowny

    Submitted by

    LINDSEY CLARK on 31 May, 2016; Krakow, Poland

    The Cloth Hall in the Main Square (Rynek Glowny)

  • Seashells on the Seashore

    Submitted by

    Kirsty Fox on 31 May, 2016; St Margaret's Bay, Kent

    This was a seashell my son discovered on the beach when we took a long weekend on the Kent coast, it was a perfect shape and I couldn't resist taking a photo.

  • Dusk in paradise

    Submitted by

    Kamara Harding on 31 May, 2016; Maldives

    Dusk at the Conrad Maldives.

  • Beach Life

    Submitted by

    Amber Rossi on 31 May, 2016; Westgate on Sea - East Kent Coast

    No need to travel outside of the UK when you can go down to the East Kent Coast beach at dusk and see these wonderful things. 'Beach plant life silhouetted at dusk'.

  • Nile Mile Beach JA

    Submitted by

    Niaomi Maiden on 31 May, 2016; Negril Jamaica

    The stunning nile mile beach in jamaica

  • Palma Nova

    Submitted by

    Ian McNeil on 31 May, 2016; Palma Nova

    Boats in the bay at Palma Nova

  • Falling over the edge of the world

    Submitted by

    Amy Deakin on 31 May, 2016; Great Barrier Reef, Mission Beach, QLD, Australia

    14ft Sky Dive on my Australian Travel Adventure. No better feeling.

  • Cool Chile

    Submitted by

    Carol Greenfield on 31 May, 2016; Amalia Glacier

    A view of the Amaila Glacier

  • Gorgeous Galahs

    Submitted by

    Jenna Dick on 31 May, 2016; Alice Springs, Australia

    These beautiful Galahs (rose-breasted cockatoos) were everywhere in Australia. I loved them, but the locals were not fans due to their noisy and destructive habits!

  • Santa Monica

    Submitted by

    Laura Walker on 31 May, 2016; Santa Monica LA

    We caught this photo on honeymoon. The sky was amazing we sat and watched it for ages. I love this photo

  • Sunset on the Coastal Path

    Submitted by

    Philippa Gerrard on 31 May, 2016; Edern, Wales

    I took this photo whilst walking the wales coastal path at sunset

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