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Member Travel and Holiday Photos

We have asked our awesome members to submit their own travel and holiday photos to help inspire the community. Below are a collection of travel photos that have been submitted along with title, description and location. We hope these travel photos inspire your next trip or holiday and if nothing else simply provide a bit of cheer in your day. Enjoy! #‎shdmembersrock‬

  • Two of everything!

    Submitted by

    Teresa Thorniley on 03 July, 2016; Gdansk Poland

    Taken from the bridge crossing the canal on way into the town. June 2016

  • Harbour

    Submitted by

    Elliot Bee on 03 July, 2016; Tenby

    The Sun and tide is out at Tenby Harbour

  • Wales in October

    Submitted by

    Jodie Cook on 03 July, 2016; Pembrokeshire

    Wales in late October......yes, really!

  • Iceland seas

    Submitted by

    Caroline Pritchard on 03 July, 2016; Iceland

    Iceland boat tour

  • baby elephant in Kenya

    Submitted by

    liz denial on 03 July, 2016; Kenya

    Baby elephant in Kenya

  • Pirates & Mermaids

    Submitted by

    Andrew Wedge on 03 July, 2016; Greenwood Forest Park

    Me and my two kids with quite different facial expressions

  • View from a tree house

    Submitted by

    Cherry Edwards on 03 July, 2016; Bryn Meurig

    This is the view from the tree house we stayed in. It is on the edge of Snowdonia National Park. Kites fly past your window in the morning and the tree house sways in the wind with the trees.

  • Russia

    Submitted by

    Charlotte Arnott on 03 July, 2016; St Petersburg, Russia

    The Hermitage building.

  • Parliamentary Plains in Iceland

    Submitted by

    Rachael Simmons on 03 July, 2016; Iceland

    This was taken without a filter on the Parliamentary Plains of Iceland this Feb just gone. It was minus 11 degrees. One of the most beautiful and majestic places I've ever encountered.

  • Relaxing View

    Submitted by

    glenn hutton on 03 July, 2016; Tobago

    A gentle start to the day

  • Roots

    Submitted by

    Julie Tift on 03 July, 2016; Cadiz, Spain

    Sprawling tree roots which look as though they want to ride the scooters but haven't quite made it yet.

  • Beautiful Fishgaurd

    Submitted by

    Kristy L Brown on 03 July, 2016; Pembrokeshire Coast, Wales

    You don't have to go abroad for fantastic coastlines.

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