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Member Travel and Holiday Photos

We have asked our awesome members to submit their own travel and holiday photos to help inspire the community. Below are a collection of travel photos that have been submitted along with title, description and location. We hope these travel photos inspire your next trip or holiday and if nothing else simply provide a bit of cheer in your day. Enjoy! #‎shdmembersrock‬

  • !!!!!!

    Submitted by

    Claire Nutman on 04 July, 2016; Bodrum Peninsula

    Amazing memories in Turkey, we flew out after a major fright to my health, and relaxed, recovered and met some wonderful people. Peaceful memories xx

  • Canal D Amor

    Submitted by

    Paula Grimley on 04 July, 2016; Sidari Corfu

    The beautiful Canal D Amor

  • Lake Bled

    Submitted by

    Jo Best on 04 July, 2016; Slovenia

    A view over Lake Bled earlier this summer

  • where next

    Submitted by

    jacqui graham on 04 July, 2016; Bermuda

    Leaving our first holiday from Bermuda (where my sister lives)

  • Grand Adventure

    Submitted by

    Lorraine Johnson on 04 July, 2016; Grand Canyon, Arizona

    My trip of a lifetime to see the Grand Canyon

  • To the pyramids

    Submitted by

    Kathryn Parrish on 04 July, 2016; Egypt - Cairo

    On our first trip to Eygpt - in the style of Murad Osmann

  • Welcome to Paradise

    Submitted by

    Zatun Suleman on 03 July, 2016; Florida

    Perfect blue sky,sandy beach and glorious sun

  • I made a friend

    Submitted by

    Emma Good on 03 July, 2016; Thailand

    I met a lovely gentle elephant and she let me hug her trunk.

  • On To The Glacier

    Submitted by

    stephen leach on 03 July, 2016; Iceland

    we took a trip on to a glacier in Iceland

  • Cycling with the family!

    Submitted by

    lisa evans on 03 July, 2016; Anglesey, north Wales

    Went away for the weekend to a gorgeous cottage! The weather was perfect for a bike ride. Here we are posing near newborough forest, Anglesey, north Wales.

  • The other side of the square

    Submitted by

    Philippa Turner on 03 July, 2016; Marrakesh

    The not so seen of the tourist trail in Morocco!

  • Scars of a King

    Submitted by

    Stephanie Coals on 03 July, 2016; Kruger national park, South Africa

    Scars of a king in South Africa.

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