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Dover to Calais DFDS Ferry from £32 (20% off Early Booking Offer)
Deal Found on DFDS   08 April, 2017

Dover to Calais DFDS Ferry from £32 (20% off Early Booking Offer)
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Calais , France


Start - 08 April 2017
End - 13 December 2017


From £32

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Take your car and up to nine people on a trip to Calais! Starting from only £32, you can hop on board a DFDS Ferry and save for your summer holidays.

Why we chose this deal

Explore France with ease on a road trip with your own car to Calais, which is the gateway to  history, culture and scenery of the north.

Included in the deal

  • One-way ferry crossing for one car and up to nine people

Cruise details

Ferries depart daily and crossings are available on select dates until 3 December 2017. You must book by 21 April. On board the ferry, you’ll enjoy restaurants, shops and children’s play areas.


How to book To visit DFDS website

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