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8 Nt Scenic Spain Cruise from £699 pp
Deal Found on Fred. Olsen   06 March, 2017

8 Nt Scenic Spain Cruise from £699 pp
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Fred. Olsen


La Coruna, Gijon, Santander, Bilbao , Spain


Start - 07 May 2017
End - 15 May 2017


From £699

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0845 287 4151

All aboard the Balmoral to see highlights of Spain, with a special deal from Fred. Olsen! Starting from only £699 per person (based on 2 people sharing), you can enjoy an eight night cruise!

Why we chose this deal

The facilities on board the Balmoral will keep you happy at sea, while you sail to Spain’s hotspots, including La Coruna.

Included in the deal

  • 8 night accommodation in an inside cabin
  • Full board

Cruise details

Your cruise will depart from Dover on 7 May 2017. It will take you to La Coruna, Gijon, Santander and Bilbao, before returning to Dover.

On board the cruise ship, you’ll enjoy great facilities, including restaurants, bars, swimming pools, entertainment, lounges, a spa, a fitness centre and shops.


How to book To visit Fred. Olsen website

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or Call : 0845 287 4151

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