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3 – 7 Nt All-Inclusive Mallorca, Spain Getaway w/Flights from £99 pp
Deal Found on Groupon   27 April, 2017

3 - 7 Nt All-Inclusive Mallorca, Spain Getaway w/Flights from £99 pp
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Mallorca , Spain


Start - 01 May 2017
End - 30 November 2017

Departure airports:

London, Birmingham, Liverpool


From £99

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Jet off for a sunny holiday in the Balearic Islands for an incredible price! Starting from just £99 per person (based on two adults sharing), you can book a three, five or seven  night stay, with all-inclusive board and return flights.

Why we chose this deal 

Mallorca’s stunning beaches make it a popular holiday hot spot, with olive groves, charming villages and fun attractions too!

What’s included

  • 3 – 7 night accommodation
  • All-inclusive board
  • Return flights

Flight details

Price is based on flights departing London, Birmingham and Liverpool airports on available dates between May and November 2017.

Hotel details

You will be staying at a choice of hotels, including Globales Samoa Hotel, Club Santa Ponsa, the Sun Club Eldorado Resort and the Amazonas Hotel. Onsite, the hotels provide premier facilities, including pools, sports, bars and restaurants.


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