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1 – 4 Nt, 4* Prague, Czech Republic Hotel Stay from £39 (up to 32% off)
Deal Found on Groupon   06 March, 2017

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Prague , Czech Republic


Start - 06 March 2017
End - 17 April 2017


From £39

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Take advantage of this 4-star hotel stay in Prague, for a great-value price! From just £39 for two people, you can book a one to four night stay, with breakfast included.

Why we chose this deal

This lovely hotel is located in a district surrounded by restaurants, cafes and bars.

Included in the deal

  • 1 night accommodation
  • Breakfast

Travel dates

Price is based for travel between now and 14 April 2017.

Hotel details

You will be staying at the Hotel Voyage, located in Zizkov. Onsite, the hotel offers fantastic facilities to guests, including a restaurant and bar. All rooms are equipped with en suites, flat screen TVs and minibars.  


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