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1 – 2 Nt Hertfordshire UK Hotel Stay for Two w/ Free Extras from £89
Deal Found on Groupon   06 May, 2017

1 – 2 Nt Hertfordshire UK Hotel Stay for Two w/ Free Extras from £89
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Hertfordshire , UK


Start - 06 May 2017
End - 30 September 2017


From £89

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If it’s time to breathe the fresh country air, here’s a great-value hotel deal for you. Starting from just £89 for two people, you can book a one to two night stay, with leisure club access, breakfast and a three-course dinner included!

Why we chose this deal

This elegant, 4-start hotel is located in the heart of Hertfordshire’s natural beauty, with a leisure club onsite and golf nearby.

Included in the deal

  • 1 - 2 night accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • 3-course dinner
  • Leisure club access

Travel dates

Price is based for travel on available dates between now and 30 September  2017.

Hotel details

You will be staying at the Letchworth Hall Hotel. Onsite, the hotel offers premier facilities to guests, including sculptured gardens, a restaurant and leisure club. All rooms are equipped with en suites, LCD TVs, air-conditioning and eco-rainfall showers.


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