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Simply Holiday Deals has chosen Viator as our tours and attractions partner, giving you, our valued members, access to incredible, worldwide destination activities!

The team at Viator are world leaders in finding the best things to do in all your favourite holiday locations. They give you insider access to great value deals at the lowest prices, with the support you need to plan your holiday.

Here’s why we chose them:

Personally Recommended Tours and Activities
With 17 years of experience, the travel experts at Viator personally research and choose the best tour and activity providers across the world. This saves you time in research and gives you valuable tips and tricks in picking individually tailored tours and activities for your next getaway.

Access to Reviews and Photos
Over 3 million people have travelled with Viator and all the latest information from customers is available for you to discover! Check out opinions, photos and reviews on tours and activities from travellers around the globe.

Enjoy VIP Treatment
Viator helps you access special VIP tours and activities, which means you can get behind the scenes treatment without having to line up or spend wasted hours with crowds of tourists.

Customer Support
The team at Viator offers 24-hour support to customers, meaning all your questions can be answered in real time, by experienced staff. You can contact them via email or their contact centre.

Guaranteed Low Prices
The deals offered on Viator are guaranteed to be fantastic value, as all the research has already been done for you, making sure you get the best deals for the lowest prices.

Easy to Book
Viator specialise in making your travel plans as easy as possible. It’s not always convenient to pre-book your trips from home and sometimes you just want to be spontaneous. You can book as you go, while you’re travelling, from a phone, mobile or laptop. However you want to do it, Viator has you covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on board with Viator and begin your search for once in a lifetime tour and attraction deals from across the world!