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New York Restaurants

New York, it has its reputation firmly set in the global mind. The city that never sleeps.The melting pot of America.Its cuisine is renowned and so many eateries and high ticket restaurants already have a reputation. People come here with that in mind. But which restaurants truly live up to their reputations? Which new restaurants or off the beaten path ones are worth checking out?

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Faicco’s Pork Store

Located at 260 Bleeker St., in the Washington Square neighbourhood of New York, Faicco’s Pork Store is one of the oldest Italian Delis in continuous operation. It is a slice of old New York preserved for the Italian community it serves and for visitors from around the globe. It has been oft written about and for good reason. It is consistent in its offerings of excellent meats, cheeses and pickled goods as well.

Originally opened in 1900 in the West Village by Edward Faicco, an Italian immigrant from Sorrento, Italy. It served the largely Italian neighbourhood at a time when pushcarts were still standard for grocers. The Shoppe was relocated to its current location in the 1940’s and continues to serve old world imports.

Don’t let the name confuse use. For Italian Americans, “Pork Shop” translates to full service butcher. Today, the shoppe is run by the grandson of the original owner, keeping the tradition in the family.

Faiccio’s Pork Store serves up made to order deli sandwiches and Italian specialties like pastas and homemade mozzarella. If you are in the mood to cook for yourself you can have your meat cut to order and pick up all the dry goods you need while you have lunch. A lunch for two runs about €10.

A bonus is it is located on Bleeker St. which boasts a good deal of shops devoted to tantalising your taste buds. Within walking distance you can also find Gelato shops, Cheese shops, Bagel places, and Pizzerias to delight you.

Wondee Siam

Wondee Siam delivers on the authentic tastes of Thailand, which is no small thing in a city full of Thai places. But this little restaurant is one of the ones most recommended by Thai immigrants as a taste of home. Nothing is toned down here for the western taste buds.

Located in Hell’s Kitchen it is surrounded by many other Thai restaurants, but don’t be fooled. Wondee Siam is family run and true family recipes are put onto the menu. Perfect blends of sweet and sour shine in dishes like Mango Salad and their lunch plate will fill you up for the reasonable price of €7. Pad Keemao with Squid is especially recommended and comes with salad and spring roll on the lunch plate.

Whole Snapper is a favourite of regulars as is the duck curry. The soup selections at Wondee Siam will knock any cold straight out of you using as they do the special blends of peppers, coconut milk and delicate broths.

McSorley’s Old Ale House

If you want to be a part of history while you have your ale, McSorley’s Old Ale House is the place. It is the oldest Irish pub on American soil in continuous operation and nobody can agree on when it first opened. It is still located at its original location in the East Village.

Yes, it’s true President Abraham Lincoln drank here. So did a lot of other people including Bob Dylan. It is a simple pub you have a choice of light or dark draft and will get two pints with your order. The food is very simple pub food and honestly you aren’t here for the food, you’re here for the history and conversation. Skip the Fish and chips, they will only disappoint you. However, stop in for the news and the camaraderie. There is no place in New York like it and there never will be again.

Momofuku KO

New York City is famous for its fusion cuisines. Momofuku KO goes so far above and beyond in its fusion of Asian themes that it has come to stand for Asian fusion.

This is a vibrant and fun restaurant and reservations are a must as it only seats a very few patrons. The small staff of about three chefs will set about making your personal dining experience the most excellent possible. Plan on spending some time here as full course meals are the norm and the Sommelier is quite passionate about making sure you have an excellent experience and time.

The restaurant does two sittings a night so make sure you plan your evening for one or the other of the three hour blocks in which you will be led trough a twelve course dinner. Also, no mobiles are allowed as all patrons are seated at the bar overlooking the kitchen area. The focus is on one another and the food. Dinner menu is €111.23 per person, beverage pairing is €98.52 per person and corkage is €38.14.

Momofuku Milk Bar

If you are ready for Desert or pastries of any kind, head over to Brooklyn and visit the Momofuku Milk Bar. Clever cookies, cakes and confectionaries of all sorts are to be had in this little bakery that would do Willy Wonka proud. From fancy drinks like Pretzel milk or Lemon pound cake shakes to the now famous Compost Cookies and Crack Pie. All items are freshly baked daily and Momofuku Milk Bar has a seasonal menu too.

If you want to take a taste of Momofuku Milk Bar home with you, they now sell in store and online their cookie and cake mixes as well as a cookbook for those who are fans of baking at home. Coffee and Tea are reasonably priced from €1-3. and cookies will run you about €1.27 each. This is a small treasure in Brooklyn so expect to stand in line but it will be worth the trouble and the conversation and mood is always upbeat.

Peter Luger Steak House

Peter Luger Steak House will offer you the best steak you have ever eaten. In a city known for its meat, this simple restaurant is famous for serving a simple but melt in your mouth steak.

Originally a bowling alley in a mostly German borough, Peter Luger Steak House has been in operations since1887. It has been serving up carefully dry aged on site porterhouse is prepared any way you like it, so long as you don’t like it “Well done, “ which will earn you the distain of the wait staff.

Reservations are required and generally are made months in advance so if you know you are travelling and want to visit Peter Luger’s Steak House, book it at the same time as your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.