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Flying over land and flying over sea are two separate experiences. Air turbulence on land flights is generally felt most when the craft is flying over a high mountain range. Your comfortable cabin may feel a couple of small shakes. There might be a slight, but sudden drop in altitude, giving you the sensation your stomach is floating in the air just above you for a moment. The turbulence isn’t very great and doesn’t happen often. Air turbulence over the ocean is consistent with the weather. On very clear days, with no significant cloud cover, your flight is as smooth as sailing on a peaceful, blue sea. You may, at times, be able to see the ocean below you. If you have a tendency to become seasick, pack along your remedy for motion sickness. Air turbulence becomes consistently more frequent and enduring with the accumulation of clouds and winds. Although non-stop flights between London and New York average around eight hours, allow for plenty of extra time in your flight planning schedule; up to five hours or more, as flights can be delayed by stormy weather, or a midflight slowed by adverse wind conditions.

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Air Services to New York City

Air services between London and New York has become a thriving industry. There are currently 15,364 flights between London and New York each week and 53,657 seats available each week for a direct flight. The largest aircraft to fly non-stop between London and New York City is the Boeing 747-400, seating 451 passengers.

There are six airlines that operate between London, GB and New York. The most popular flights used are Norwegian Shuttle, Kuwait, United, Air Europa, and Swiss, all of which offer low-cost deals. Rates have been volatile, with unexpected jumps and dips on a frequent basis, so when planning your holiday, use a flexible flight search that will allow you to compare five flights within a thirty-day range.

This flexibility should extend to your flight planning. You may find by either bumping up a few days the date you had set scheduling your holiday, or taking it a few days earlier than you had originally planned, you can save money on your airline tickets. Instead of a non-stop flight, you might wish to consider other flight options that may cause minor inconveniences but offer a better deal in price range.

Check for Code Shares

Your flight may be more expensive if the airline you choose is codesharing with another. In terms of securing the exact date and time you want for scheduling your flight, this can be convenient. Codesharing is an industrial term airlines use for selling flights to each other as if they were their own. This means your ticket price can go up if your airline service places you on a more expensive flight than the company’s normal rates. An online search of scheduled flights and departures can tell you if a company is codesharing. If two different airlines are following the same route, with the same departure time, they are probably codesharing. To ensure you are receiving the best airline service rate, check the flight details. The details will tell you which carriers are operating the flight.

Best Ways to Fly Long Distance

Long distance airlines provide a number of options that can save travel time, cut the costs to your flight or increase your comforts and conveniences while flying. Most long distance flights offer timeshares and your choice of economy class, business class or first class cabins.

Over sixty percent of flights from London to New York City leave in the afternoon. London is five hours ahead of New York. If you leave the city at five o’clock in the afternoon, it will be six in the morning when you arrive in New York, provided you had an eight-hour flight. Many of the commodities you might shrug off for short-distance flights in favour of cutting costs, you might wish to include in your long-distance flight. These include onboard meals, comfortable seats and entertainment options.

The best bargains for both conveniences and a mid-range fare rate are in the business class offers. Business Class offers usually include more spacious cabins, a quick boarding process, exclusive dining privileges, iPod docks and shared movie entertainment.

The Club World London City is Boeing’s exclusive business-class service. With the club card, the passenger is seated in a commodious space, with fully reclining seats. There are UK, US and EU power sockets for laptops and other devices. The flights include fullycooked or cold meals onboard and offer lounge access.

Package Deals

When travelling to New York, it’s best to arrange for your hotel and your transport to it ahead of time. Many of the long-distance flight services offer package deals, which will include the price of a hotel room and a shuttle service or taxi from the airport your new accommodations. Package deals can save you time, money and leave you far more worry-free about landing in a new country across the ocean.

Shop around however, before agreeing on a package deal. You may discover you do not like the location of the hotel being offered in the deal or that there are cheaper hotels offering the same quality of services. If your final destination is not New York, check with the local airlines for continuing flights, as they might be cheaper than arranging all your flights through a single carrier. Flights to New York can be found for as little as £331, depending on the time of year, and even on the day of the week. The holiday season near the end of November to the first of January, and during the summer months of June through August is the most expensive time to fly from London to New York.


Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.