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Miami Nightlife

Although Miami is a major tourist destination, it seems drowsy by day. A large number of the holiday guests are stretched out on the beach, sipping cocktails, while some are unhurriedly browsing through shops, visiting major attractions or taking part in recreational activities. In the evening, Miami comes to life. It dazzles the festive eye with opulent night clubs and with local bars and taverns adding their own sounds to the Miami beat. From Caribbean music to the hottest DJ’s spinning for an electric light scene, you can have the party your way.

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When You Could Dance all Night

The electric light scene is charged by some of the top DJ”s in the world, when you dancing feet find their way to the Liv, on Miami Beach. The nightclub has nearly seventeen hundred square metres of pure energy crackling from its electric light show and modern dance music. It contains three full-service bars and offers a mix of hip-hop, rock and house music. For guests desiring full VIP services, there are six private sky-boxes, each featuring European bottle service, a mini-bar and banquettes with secured purse drawers.

For a more cultural experience, head over to Little Havana and visit Hoy Como Ayer. While sometimes the music is disco, the atmosphere is markedly Cuban. You’ll find yourself swaying to the seductive sounds of salsa and feeling some high-spirited Latin American vibrations. A favourite hang-out for locals and vacationing celebrities, Hoy Como Ayer offers a taste of the Cuban beverages with tapas and classic drinks such as the Cuba Libre, Ron Matusalem or Mojito.

Steamers, your time has come. The alternative vision has become an alternative entertainment club. Is it vaudeville? Is it bawdy-ville, or just some over-the-top antics aimed at producing giggles for no other reason than that it was fun? Steam Club, which opened during the summer with some very puzzled reviews, caters to the humour, decor and music of the Steam Punk follower. Stage performances are highly interactive, often satirical and are more avant-garde in their presentation than you’ll find in even the most avid rock and roll venues.

A Concert in Miami

Mid-winter in Miami is the best time to attend a theatrical performance or concert. The stage is set then for a variety of top class entertainers providing music, dance, script and comedy. If the stage is your idea of a wonderful evening on the town, you’ll want to arrange tickets for the Filmore, Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theatre. Command performances by the Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker Suite are staged for the Christmas Holiday, while a host of other celebrity greats are scheduled throughout the year.

The Adrienne Arsht Centre for the Performing Arts is another great place for classical entertainment. Featuring stage performances from opera to Broadway hits, the centre is home to some of the greatest artists and productions from around the world. The centre contains three state-of-the arts theatres; the 2,400 Ziff Ballet Opera House, the 2,200 seat Knight Concert Hall, and the cosy Carnival Studio Theatre. There is also the Thompson Plaza for the Arts, however. Designed to be the perfect stage for outdoor performances, it’s Miami’s showcase for the performing arts.

Where the Music is Live and Sometimes Steamy

If you love Latin American music, with a special fondness for Reggae, then the Blue Martini Brickell in South Miami is the place for you. Favoured by the locals as the best party place in town, live band performances will keep your feet moving and your spirits high. Take advantage of the happy hour, with discounts on food and drink. There are lots of drinks to choose from, but the experts say, try the blue martini first. It’s an experience like no other.

Since 1979, Churchill’s has been rocking the music scene with live bands getting their jump start on the national airwaves on this very British pub. Marilyn Manson, the Mavericks, Agent Orange, UK Subs, and countless local bands have rocked down the stage with their performances. Formerly known as the C&H pub, Churchill’s has expanded their modest enterprise to include a spacious stage and dance floor, two billiard tables, arcades and games, full liquor, beer and wine bar, outside bar and patio and kitchen. Did you want to go out dancing, but have chores to do? The Churchill even has a laundry room for clients!

Miami never lost its love for jazz, from the southern twang of Dixieland, to the mournful tunes of rhythm and blues. The historic Van Dyke Café, with its music lounge and event space on the second floor delivers you all that jazz. The older, sophisticated crowd enjoys the speak-easy atmosphere, complete with rich fabrics, upholstered seating and a beautiful oak bar, but so do the elegant, dressed to kill, more youthful music lovers.

The smartly dressed may also want to check out Jazid. The legendary club reports the best live music on South Beach. The sultry nights greet you in an atmosphere reminiscent of the early days, when jazz was a young, pounding beat rising out of smoky hide-aways and wafting down hot city streets. Unwind, put on your sparkle, enjoy a cocktail and listen to the music that inspired rock and roll.

When Comedy Strikes You

You’ve got to have the gift of gab and a finely attuned sense of humour if you want to go into comedy. It isn’t easy; especially if that comedy is improvisation. Just the Funny Theatre and Training Centre presents interactive shows every Friday and Saturday night, hosting a cast of comedic actors. The show features sketches, parodies and improvised scenes, all based on audience suggestion. The theatre is unique in more ways than one. It also the training centres for comedians and the only one in the region that teaches improvisation.

Stand-up comedy plays a riotous roll in Miami’s night life venues. For a polished act by some of the best performers in South Florida, but some serious national celebrities, that have included Jay Leno, Lily Tomlin, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Ellen DeGeneres and Adam Sandler, you’ll want to try Miami Improv on Mary Street.

For that feeling of being where it all starts, you’ll have to be a little more in the know on where to go to find it. The Comedy Inn resides within the Quality Inn by the Falls Mall, and is staged within a conference room. While the location may be the subject of a few improvised jokes, the Inn has a reputation for delivering strong acts, along with drinks at very affordable prices.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.