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Miami Flights

Prepare for the long haul when travelling between London and Miami. There is a minimum of nine hours flying time, with the average flight lasting ten and a half hours. Your distance is 7,117 kilometres or 3,843 nautical miles. You will learn the true meaning of jet lag. Five hours behind London time, when you arrive, you’ll have to add those hours to your flying time, completely throwing your sleeping and eating habits out of whack. Veteran globe trotters often take along melatonin to help them regain anormal sleep rhythm. If you have a tendency to get motion sickness, you’ll want to bring along your favourite motion sickness remedy.

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About Miami Airport

The Miami International Airport (MIA), historically known as Wilcox Field, is the primary airport serving Miami. It is located 13 kilometres northwest of downtown Miami, in metropolitan Miami, between the cities of Miami, Hialeah, Doral and Miami Springs. It is the largest gateway between the United States and Latin America, and one of the largest airline hubs in the nation. - See more at: http://travelguides.simplyholidaydeals.co.uk/united-states-canada/miami/flights/#sthash.QfOiKnQq.dpuf

Its flourishing industry is due to several factors. Miami is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors from around the world. A large European and Latin American population makes it a strategic location for connecting traffic between North America, Latin America and Europe. It handles more International cargo than any other airport in the United States.

The free MIA Mover connects the airport with the Miami Intermodal Centre, where the bus terminal and rental cars facilities have been relocated. There is a two-level, short term parking lot in front of Concourse E and two seven-story parking garages, North and South within the terminal and connected by walk-ways.

Miami Security

Miami security measures are extremely high. There are several check-points to go through, and additional screening may be required of passengers and luggage at the gates. Carry-on baggage is limited to one bag and one personal item, such as a purse, backpack, laptop or brief case. All electronic items, such as laptops or cell phones are subject to additional screening measures.

Airport security advises keeping the number of metal objects you wear on your person to a minimum. Your screening process will go more quickly if you keep metal objects such as keys, cell phones and loose change in your carry-on bag. If you have a medical condition that requires the use of a syringe and/or hypodermic needle, you must have this medication on your person, along with the prescription. Avoid carrying liquids through security check-points as they will slow down the screening process. If you are carrying gifts, leave them unwrapped for quicker security processing.

The new customs hall that opened in Miami is designed to allow domestic passengers to go through the security check points quickly, but International travellers can expect some very long lines. You can shorten your wait if you have completed your Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) form. If you have completed the form, which is available to the EU, four countries in Asia, New Zealand and Australia, you will not be required to have a Visa. Do not have a third party do this for you, as the direct cost is minimal, but third party servicing can be very expensive. Apply directly through the official US Government website.

Miami Flights from London

Flights between London and Miami can vary between £379 to over £700, depending on whether it’s a direct flight, stop-over flight, you fly on a weekend or week day, or the time of month you are flying. Prices can change depending on whether you are flying out of London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Manchester or Birmingham. Compare all flight deals before making your decision.

American Airlines is the most commonly used service for direct flights between London and Miami. One of the largest airlines in the world, its services reflects experience with international travel. The airline is often used by those whose travel destinations include both Miami and Latin America. They require that you check with the consulate of each country you wish to visit and have all your documentation in order. You can collect frequent flyer miles with American Airlines, which can add up to a lot of savings for extended trips.

British Airways is another popular choice for flying direct to Miami. British Airways maintains its hub at Heathrow Airport. The airline allows one cabin bag and one personal item. Passengers pay for each piece of baggage checked into cargo. There may be additional fees if the baggage exceeds weight and size limitations. Amenities include comfortable seats, in-cabin movie viewing and healthy snack options.

British Airways has a check-in feature. The tool allows you to check into your flight and print your boarding pass within twenty-four hours in advance of your scheduled flight. British Airways also has frequent flyer points that can add up to savings on hotels or car rentals.

Other carriers with flights between London and Miami include Continental Airlines, Delta, Iberia and Virgin Atlantic Airways. Virgin Atlantic Airways offers the largest commercial craft servicing passengers between London and Miami; the B747-4, which was built by Boeing and contains six hundred seats.

Airlines flying into Miami offer one - three daily flights, with the largest number offered between 6-9 a.m., although there are a number of “red eye” flights offered during the late evening hours. The most leisurely aspect to arranging your holiday in Miami is in scheduling your flight reservations. On the average, flights leaving London to Miami are filled at only 79% capacity.

Because of the distance, your most comfortable flight will be if you use the Business Plan or First Class arrangement. This will accommodate you with a more spacious seating arrangement, on-board bar and food services, I-Pods and call services and a lounge where you can stretch your legs. If you have a disability that requires assistance, make your arrangements ahead of time as your assistant will not be able to pass through the security gates without prearranged permission.


Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.