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Tenerife Nightlife

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The nightlife of Tenerife is the talk of the town, and it offers wonderful scenic moonlight...and of course, the rocking and raucous clubs and bars you might expect from the likes of Spain. Some of the best clubs are located in Playa de Las Americas, or Santa Cruz. You will feel at home in the southern and western island resorts and clubs, as they cater to British travellers. Bars tend to get lively around 10PM and stay opened till about two in the morning.

Some bars and clubs stay opened all the way blasting salsa music until the morning and actually serve bocadillos (rolls), and this happens in areas like Puerto de la Cruz. The northern and rural side of the island has less going on, but plenty of relaxation. In rural territories there might not be more than one village bar with a few games happening, and plenty of people minding their own business.

Playa de Las Américas nightlife is defined by cabaret acts and karaoke bars, while Santa Cruz delights audiences with orchestra concerts, dramatic plays and cinema. More Canarian and cultural attractions can be found in northern resorts like Puerto de la Cruz.

The Tenerife Island is part of the European Union, but is not required to keep its customs or VAT standards. Therefore, it should be boted that tobacco and alcohol tend to be cheaper in most European cities.

Popular Clubs and Bars

Acanto in Costa Adeje is said to have the best cocktail bars and dozens of beachside bars. Even better,it’s located next to the shopping centre of El Mirador. The high ceiling mansion serves a mighty mojito, exotic mixes and plenty of games, including a full sized pool table and live sports on flat screen televisions.

Mega Rock Cafe located in Adeje is all about karaoke. Mega Bowl also has ten-pin bowling and complete with a full menu of food and cocktails. There are also televisions to watch sporting events. The stage is a wonderful setup with theatrical lighting and a state of the art Bose sound system.

Tramps the King of Clubs is the island’s number one super club and has been for the last ten years or so. Benefiting from its location in Playa de las Americas, it is constantly updating itself to stay on top.

The Merry Monk located in Los Cristianosis a family run watering hole with that “old English” country pub feel. It is very welcoming and will make you feel like an old friend. It is beautifully decorated and immaculately clean. They are open 7 days a week and surprising has an entertainment lounge, which is a mini theatre complete with stage, and televisions to watch sporting events, a pool table and happy hour for drinks.

Soul Suite located in Playa de las Americasis the place to celebrate with friends and get your dancing shoes on. It is all about fun and music hereespecially Motown, Soul and Reggae, with the emphasis on quality at this Tenerife cabaret bar. Open year round it is sure to entertain all ages.

Showtime: the Sound of Musical is in Adeje and has been voted Tenerife’s number one night out by UK tour operators for two year running. The Sound of Musical features grand shows of a startling variety: songs, dancing, razzmatazz of stage, psychics, golf, and comedy shows. You will enjoy a two-course meal with all wines, beer and soft drinks included so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.

Night Entertainment

Teatro Guimera’ is a theatre in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the capital city of Tenerife. The theatre was built in 1849, making it the oldest standing theatre in all the islands. The building was named after playwright Angel Guimera and the decor is lovely, featuring classical romance style design.

The Carnival of Santa Cruz Tenerife

This carnival attracts visitors from all across the globe and is actually the second most popular and internationally respected carnival anywhere in the world, second only to the carnival of Rio de Janeiro. The Carnival is widely praised it has earned attention as a possible future World Heritage Site and a Tourist Festival of International Interest by the Secretary of State for Tourism. Its 1987 Carnival Chicharrero, thanks to help from singer Celia Cruz, was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest gathering to assemble in an outdoor plaza for a concert.

The February Carnival happens on the streets with an opening parade and dancing that lasts all night lost. Its costumed performers go night after night all the way until Ash Wednesday, and the “entierro de la sardine” (burial of the sardine), ending for a time, but only reopen again with a piñata weekend.

There is an official carnival but also a street performer’s carnival that is a complement. The official carnival has many musical groups including comparsas, murgas, rondallas and others, while the street carnival takes more chances and is more of a celebration of onlookers. However, thousands of onlookers come to celebrate the event and they’re all in disguise as is the carnival custom.

What’s great about the carnival is its recurring theme. All sorts of themes have been covered and inspires the costumes and music, from 1987’s Ancient Rome, to 1991’s Space, to 1997’s Prehistory, and 2005’s Hollywood Musicals. In 2013, the theme was Internet-voted for the first time, and Bollywood India became the theme, inspiring a large LED screen and some brilliant musical choreography. In 2014, cartoons were the theme and all sorts of American and British cartoon culture was honoured, from The Little Mermaid to the Pink Panther to Lion King and Scooby Doo. This year promises to be interesting with the theme of “The Future.”

In case you’re keeping track of the multi-day event it goes like this:

There is also a friendly competition for singing, children’s singing, group singing, poetry, choreography, parading and rhythm, floats and the most fun song of the event. It is a worldwide spectacle and a must see if you’re anywhere in the island or the Tenerife Capital.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.