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Rome Restaurants

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Mangia is a new Paneria in Rome. Located on Via Leone in the Prati Neighbourhood, Mangia makes sandwiches with special flair. The owner is a native Roman and takes her inspiration from fresh produce cheeses and meats that are well loved in and around Rome.

With an eye to slow food; that is food that time and care is taken with her paninis are something special. Her vendors are handpicked for being the best in their area and are all organic and made in traditional styles, from handmade cheeses to slow cured meats.

The combinations are delightfully surprising like oranges sliced thin, paired with breseola and Parmigianino. Her bread is supplied by Boncibread, which is a little famous on its own. Delivered fresh daily.

There are no seats or tables, this is a take away restaurant. Diners can pick up their Panini wrapped lovingly with special touches and take them for a picnic or a quick meal out. Panini are 1.90Euros /kg.


PanificioBonci is a bakery operated by the owners of the now famous pizzeria, Bonci’sPizziarium. It serves baked goods including breads and some pastries and even some pizza by the slice.

Located in the Trionfale district, it is completely vegetarian in its offerings. The owner/baker goes to extra lengths to purchase organic, locally sourced flours and has some gluten-free products as well.

This is a local spot and visitors will rub elbows with people picking up their daily bread for household use, making it a great place to ask questions or listen in to get a feel for the city.

Cantina Lucifero

Located on Via del Pellegrino and close to the Pantheon, Cantina Lucifero is a casual dining venue that offers a nice respite from the hustle of Rome.

Diners are greeted with a complimentary glass of prosecco and then are introduced to the menu by wait staff that are full of life a humour. Small bite menu is available including truffles, which could be called the house dish, as it is really quite special. All meals are finished with complementary small desserts.

Cantina Lucifero is quite popular so you will be seated in crowded quarters and it can get noisy. Three course meals begin at 35.

Pinsere Roma

Roman Pizza is a distinct type of pizza. It is smaller and has a thin crust. It is baked in an oven with an open fire. It is nothing like pizzas elsewhere, except maybe that it is flat. Finding that one spot in Rome to go for pizza however, can be tricky. Pinsere Roma consistently gets high marks from foodies.

Using fresh ingredients and “The Grips” method of making an oval shaped pizza, Pinsere Roma makes pizzas that are hard to resist. It also makes it easy to eat. Because of the 2-3 day levening process, the dough here is very easy for bodies to digest. Pinsere Roma offers up a variety of toppings including vegetarians ones.

The menu at Pinsere Roma is take-away. They also offer readymade take away salads made fresh daily. Most items are about 4.50 Euros.

La Pergola

La Pergola is one of the premier fine dining establishments in Rome, having earned three Michelin stars. It offers Tuscan style cuisine with an emphasis making sure diners are pampered and fed luxuriously.

La Pergola is located in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Rome and overlooks the entirety of the ‘Eternal City’. The terrace seating offers a splendid view including the imposing dome of St. Peter’s.

The wine cellar is stocked with over 60,000 wines from all over the world and their world class Sommeliers are available to walk diners through choices. The multilingual wait staff and Maitre de’ are consistently helpful and available.

Reservations are a necessity and Dress coat of evening wear and jacket for men is firmly enforced. Meals will run around 90.


FREEtto is a new concept in Rome fusing fried, street foods with environmentally conscious “green” sensibilities. This can be plainly seen in the design of the Shoppe with reclaimed and recycled wood and metals being used throughout. Also all take-away containers are bio-degradable and compostable.

FREEtto strives to demonstrate that using the right types of oils and keeping fryers clean, organic ingredients can still be healthy and delightful fried. FREEtto uses peanut oil, be aware if you happen to be allergic.

Some of the menu items include fresh, fried squash blossoms of all sorts from zucchini to pumpkin; both stuffed with cheeses and not. Vegetarian offerings also include fried aubergine and potato/rosemary meatballs. Meat items include a range of fish from octopus to Baccala and meatballs. Seasonal ragu is made as well as mushroom offerings that differ throughout the year. You can even get fried desserts like saffron kumquat.

FREEtto is a very fun Shoppe. The staff is happy to be working there and are multilingual. It is cheap and quick for pick-up and takeaway. Most items start at 1.5.

San Lorenzo District Market

If you are looking for ingredients to make your own meal or just to get a feel of local shopping, The San Lorenzo District Market is one of the best places to stop. Here you can get a lot of craft and trade shopping done, while picking some of the best in-season fruits vegetables as well as meats.

Located in the San Lorenzo District, a historically poorer part of Rome, this is where the people live. It’s not far from the main Termini Railway Station, making it easy to get to. The neighbourhood has seen economic growth in recent years and while it is definitely not a typical spot for those on holiday, it is where locals go to get their food.

Close to the Aurelian Wall and La Sapienza University there are still many things to see and soak in here. The streets are still cobbled and you get a sense of the antiquity of this City Eternal. At the same time you are hunting down food, take a minute to note the still damaged facades of buildings damaged in WWII. The Basilica of St. Lawrence is in this neighbourhood, which is still a pilgrimage church. Take time to marvel at the Byzantine mosaics here.

Food vendors are all about and one can pick up and easy, filling and authentic meal while you see some of the ‘real’ neighbourhoods of Rome. In the evening, the streets are closed to traffic making it a romantic place to stroll. Do not worry about the graffiti, unlike many other places it is mostly art telling the story of the neighbourhood.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.