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Rome Nightlife

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Rome marches to a different beat when it comes to nightlife, with a greater emphasis placed on dining and outdoor revelry than on a ribald music scene. Romans are leisurely about their evening experiences, often not settling down to dinner until 22:00. Nor are they in a hurry to finish their elaborate meal quickly. It’s a favourite time to socialize, renew acquaintances, and catch up on the latest gossip.

A Typical Night in Rome

Romans are fond of taking an evening stroll (passeggiata) through the older parts of town during those cool, late-night hours. You might find familiespushing their strollers while the older children skip gaily along, clutching balloons. The streets are cobblestone, so high-heeled shoes are not recommended, especially for those fair ladies who intend to spice their nightlife activities with a little alcohol.

Romans like to celebrate outdoors. During those spring through autumn months, when days are golden and the night air refreshing, entire squares turn into big, outdoor bars. The family scene turns into an adult scene as little ones are tucked into bed, couples snuggle together hand in hand, and single folk don their best threads to try and connect with other single party-goers.

They wind their long night down by stopping at a coffee shop for a cappuccino and croissant. While lingering over their favourite hot beverage, they say their good-night’s to each other, and one by one, or two by two, drift their way back home.

Those Artistic Romans

Rome loves its artists, and this becomes apparent in the choices of popular places to go for evening entertainment. One of the most popular spots for evening entertainment is AnticoCaffèdella Pace. Located close to the Piazza Navona, the establishment has been the favourite haunt of writers, artists, poets and comedians since the eighteenth century. Its old world charm is accentuated by ivy walls, a cheerful, sunlit terrace, and antique furniture. Marked for destruction in the first part of 2014, the protests of the Roman citizenry to preserve the historic café were so great, the plans to turn the property into a hotel were abandoned and it continues to be a prime attraction for locals, tourists and celebrities.

If the art scene appeals to you, but you want a more modern twang, try out the nightlife scene at SociétéLutece. Regular DJ’s highlight the evening’s festivities, with upbeat alternative music that spills from the bar and into the piazza. Think funky and hip. The Bohemian atmosphere was meant to stimulate the minds of trend setters, the apertivo is generous and the food inexpensive.

Targeting Night Clubs

The greatest concentration of Rome’s all night fever is concentrated within the Testaccio and Ostiense districts. Some of the biggest hot spots around are located in this collection of bars, comedy clubs and all night music and dancing venues. Your choices ranges from discreet, romantic hide-away’s to savour a glass of wine with someone special, to full-swinging night clubs with live music and pounding dance floors.

Everybody’s buzzing about the Freni e Frizioni, which literally means “brakes and clutches”. This innovative party place is a renovated mechanic’s shop. Open all day, it begins jumping around 19:00, when locals, tourists and college students begin wandering in to sip cocktails and fire up their energy with the daily aperitivo, spread out from 19:00 - 21:00.

Full steam ahead for the most unique party scene around.Only on Rome’s Tram Tracks can you buzz by the Coliseum and other city attractions while dancing to the beat of Rock and Roll. They are the host with the most, providing food, beverage and entertainment all in one package deal of around 50 Euros. The trip, on a vintage train gives you an hour and forty-five minutes of live music while travelling through the heart of Rome.

A sophisticated crowd inhabits the nightlife scene at Goa. Located close to MercatiGenerali, the trendy, post-industrial setting features house, jungle and techno music with some of Rome’s top DJ’s. There is a high end feel to the place, a popular spot for up-and-coming business people and professionals in their mid-twenties to late thirties. Swank is the word and swank is the way you’ll want to dress in order to blend in with the crowd.

The Classical Music Scene

The classics of the present and future are emphasized at the Auditorium Parco dellaMusica. Designed by Genoese architect Renzo Piano, the auditorium contains three space-age halls with amazing acoustic clarity, and a large outdoor amphitheatre for hosting summer concerts. It’s a delight in musical variety, featuring musical genres from pop to jazz for the dance happy, and titillating the senses of those who revel in symphonic orchestra. The classical venue is the home to Rome’s most prestigious classical music academy, the AccademiaNazionale di Santa Cecilia.

Your refined tastes will become completely satisfied at the Teatrodell’Opera di Roma. Opera season begins in November and lasts through May, making a shoulder season holiday well worthwhile for fans of classical performances. In the summer, the theatre hosts operas outdoors, set amid the ruins of the Baths of Caracalla.

While Rome sets a different pace for its nightlife scene, its numerous venues cater to every type of musical taste, whether it’s hip-hop, jazz, salsa or techno. Relax and go with the flow that’s less frenzied in the music that streams from every square than it is on Rome’s busy highways.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.