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Paphos Restaurants

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The Windmill

The Windmill Is a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant located at 19 PaphiasAphrodites Street facing the AgisKiriaki Church of St John’s Pillar. Run by a very friendly family that pridethemselves in having great service and being able to accommodate large parties. The prices range from 10 to 30 dollars American. They offer a Meze meal similar to Spanish tapas that is very popular in Cyprus.They also have meat and vegetable dishes like spicy steak Diablo, and of course plenty of fresh seafood. If you’re visiting St John’s Pillar make sure to step in for a great lunch or dinner.


Seafood lovers will want to check out this seafood restaurant on a cliff that overlooks the water. You can find it right off Agiou Georgiou. Not only does the location mean stunning views it also means very fresh fish which the chefs prepare in many delicious ways including a huge seafood based Meze. Their fried calamari is very popular. Make sure to visit around sunset it may be a bit more crowded but the stunning view will certainly be worth it.

Archontariki Restaurant

This is a nice place very close to the Polis Monastery. They offer the Cypriot version of a home cooked meal. They have everything from grilled steak to pasta dishes and the wines the restaurant serves is actually made in the monastery. If you get the chance, try to visit on a Friday night to hear the live bouzouki band play and see the traditional glass dancer. This place will give you a real taste of what life in Cyprus all about.

Melania Restaurant

If you’re looking for fresh it doesn’t get much more fresh then vegetables cooked at Melania.They actually grow their own vegetables in a garden near the restaurant and even the wine grapes are grown onsite. They are said to have the best moussaka in Paphos and they offer an interesting selection of dinner omelettes. Prices are between 8 and 20 Euros for entrees. You can find Melania on 63 Tomb Of The King's Ave right across the river, It can be a bit of a trip out of town but it’s certainly well worth it.

Karlina Restaurant

It doesn’t matter what review site you use Karlina will always be right at the top and for good reason. There prices are amazing meals cost only between 8 and 18 euros a steal in pricey city like Paphos. Even though the food is cheap don’t think it’s because the quality is poor; everyone agrees they do Cypriot cuisine justice. To make it even better every dinner comes with a complementary drink. The staff are extremely friendly and always ready to help a customer. Karlinas is located at 78 Tomb Of The King's Avenue not to fair from the actual sight. You can stop in for dinner, lunch or breakfast so you may want to visit more than once.


If you’re looking for something that isn’tCyproit/Greek you can try the best Chinese place in Paphos. Phukhet as its name would suggest also offers good selection of authentic Thai Food. There menu is massive so there is something for everyone. Just recently, they added a selection to dim sum to the menu. For 8 to 15 Eurosit’s a good deal. You can find Phuket at 44 Tomb Of The King's Avenue. This is great option when you’re looking for something different.

Poppadums Tandoori

If you’re looking for something with some spice Poppadums Tandoori offers the best Indian food in Paphos. The food is very authentic and cooked by true Indian tandoori cooks in real tandoori ovens. The service is very pleasant and helpful. The dining area is huge but decorated very beautifully and they have a live band that plays traditional Indian music. Poppadums Tandoori is across from the Azia hotel on Coral Bay Road and they are open 6 pm to 10:30 pm. If you want to have a lazy night in your hotel room,you’re in luck—Poppadums delivers.

Mandria Fish and Chips

Mandira Fish and Chips is famous for makes massive piles of fresh delicious fried fish (Cod, hadock, shrimp, kalamari, and plaice) but if seafood really isn't your thing they also offer pizzas, burgers, and a selection of grilled meats all with a side of their hot fries. On Thursday nights, they have buffet for 14 Euros and the usual prices are pretty reasonable being between 6 to 12 Euros. Mandria is located at the Mandira Square near the Aphrodite Sands resort.

Martelli Pizza

Sometimes you just crave a good pizza and Martelli has the best pizza in the city. Not only do they do pizzas they also have a full menu of pasta and other Italian dishes. Dishes range from about 6 to 22 Euros, which can be a bit much but the quality and portion size more than make up for it. The service is great and ready to meet your needs. They are open from 11 am until midnight every day of the week and can be found at 53 Tomb of the Kings Avenue.

E CosiGelateria

What’s better for desert than creamy gelato? E Cosi has a wide selection to choose from including some unusual ones like blood orange, furttio de bosco, and chocolate sorbet. The prices are fair and not more than 1.25 euros per scoop. E Cosi is located at 12 ApostolouPavlou Marina Court. If the reviews are anything to go by you want to visit more than just once.


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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.