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Malaga Restaurants

Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world. Originally founded by the Phoenicians, its rich and sometimes tumultuous is apparent in every thoroughfare and alleyway. Being situated as it is in the Mediterranean, it was a major trading port. Many cultures and people have made this port of call their home since its founding in the eighth century. Because of this infusion from many different cultures, the traveller will find restaurants extremely variable and full of gastronomical delights whose influences hail back to the days this city was a major stop for spice traders and pirates alike.

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El Meson de Cervantes

El Meson de Cervantes can be tricky to locate but is worth the trouble. The El Meson de Cervantes offers tapas and full plate with an emphasis on matching local wines to the meal. Fusion is the word of the day with an eye to matching traditional Spanish fare with neighbouring flavours. A good example is sweetbreads, served with Armenian chimichurri. This marriage of flavours leaves the guest’s palate both excited at the combination, but also educated as to the rich infusion of culture indicative of the area.

Vino Mio

Diners looking for international cuisine will be well pleased when they visit Vino Mio. This contemporary eatery situated overlooking the classic Plaza of Malaga, offers a wide range of international fare. Catering to travellers, the Wait Staff speaks a variety of languages making your dining experience comfortable. If one’s palette has been over stimulated and they are yearning for food from home, it is likely it is on the menu. Albeit, served in a progressive and outstanding manner. The menu includes offerings such as Stir Fry, Irish Beef, Mexican inspired Burritos, Duck Comfit, Italian Pastas and even Kangaroo. Of course, there is a hearty vegetarian menu for those who eschew meat. Situated as it is at the doors of the Cervantes Theatre, it is a convenient stop for those touring. Prices are reasonable and regular entertainment in the form of music and Flamenco rounds out an excellent experience for those wanting to make the most of their dining experience.

La Cosmopolita

Sightseeing, shopping, museums, sometimes it just takes it out of you. Perhaps you just need a sandwich or other light lunch at an equally light price. La Cosmopolita is the place for this. Locals regularly stop through to grab a bite at this well located eatery. This is a small establishment, as is the menu, however, when travelling it may prove convenient. Besides, the locals love it and it is usually a best-kept secret. La Cosmopolita is mostly known for their ‘Don José’ or Pepito, which boasts sliced veal, roasted pepper and grilled octopus. This is the heart of this Spanish port town, all the flavours coming together. They also serve breakfast for workers, locals and savvy travellers on weekdays. The prices are quite low. Located a stone’s throw from Plaza de Siglo, it is a local favourite worth checking out.

El Jardín

El Jardín has the ambiance for the traveller wishing to step back in time. Located close to the Cathedral de la Encarnacíon de Malaga, this small gem offers a glimpse into times gone by. With artistic architectural detail like interior columns and ornate furniture, candlelight cinches the feel of stepping backward, helping you slow down whether you are visiting the Cathedral or just need to feel peaceful. The El Jardín features an Andalucía menu with paella at the top of its list of offerings. Flamenco and performances are regularly scheduled on weekends. Prices are moderate at about 12-17 €.

Casa Aranda

Chocolate, it is a universal beverage and served slightly differently in any place you visit. At Casa Aranda guests have the opportunity to relax and sip the thick satisfying treat in the style of Malaga. Situated in an alleyway this spot popular with locals makes visitors out of customers with their wait staff who greet you dressed in white with outdoor tables and you will experience Grandmothers on outings with the family, local youth on outings as well as groups of business people and others. You will be one with the city for a moment while you indulge yourself with the sinfully rich double cream chocolate. Churros are also available from many vendors parked nearby.

Vegetarian El Calafate

It can often be difficult to find vegetarian offerings while travelling. In Malaga Vegetarian El Calafate is the top rated choice for those looking for a dedicated vegetarian menu. Tucked away in a backstreet of Old Town Malaga you will find an oasis for vegetarians. The meals here are very reasonably priced, from 2-12 €, a full three course meal can be had for 11€. The menu also includes several Vegan entries.

Hop Scotch

Hop Scotch is a playful establishment offering fine craft brews as well as a vegan and vegetarian menu. Hop Scotch uses local products such as goat cheeses and Northern style cheeses like Cabrales and Idiazabal. Artisanal cold meats come from Malaga and Leon and bread is bought fresh baked daily. This restaurant is a fun and relaxing place to meet and visit while taking in the choice tapas followed by small batch beers, many from Spanish breweries. The proprietors open up the restaurant to gallery style artistic showings as well as booking music and dancing in the evening. If you are looking for video entertainment, Hop Scotch also boasts old school video games to unwind and reminisce over free of charge. Hop Scotch is off the tourist tract so visiting here will put you in contact with the friendly Malaga locals. Take the opportunity to chat them up about other undiscovered gems. While this is a casual establishment, there is nothing spared on the organic menu, which will please everyone.

La Consola

La Consola is unique in that it is attached to a culinary school and is only open for lunch. But what a lunch! This is fine dining at its best and you are also helping the culinary school and her students while you eat. The menu is mostly contemporary as the student try out their newly learned techniques. Guests are treated to a beautiful setting looking over extensive shady gardens. Students and teachers are happy to chat with patrons, indeed it is encouraged. An excellent opportunity to be a part of the rich heritage of Spanish cookery.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.