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Dalaman Travel Tips

Getting around Dalaman may prove challenging, considering how large the district is, not to mention the various sites outside of the district and town that are worth seeing. For public travel you may find it advantageous to use a public train. Some passengers actually take plans in Dalaman and throughout Turkey because of the travelling distance. These accommodations are handled by Onur Air, Pegasus and AtlasJet. Buses are an alternative and these buses are air-conditioned and of fairly good quality. There is even a first class and economy seating section to choose from. The largest companies for bus travels are Metro Bus, Varan and Otobusbileti. Most destination trips take less than one half an hour, and taking the bus saves on gas. Expect occasional unannounced bus-to-bus transfers, depending on certain routes. You can also travel by bicycle, though there is not much accommodation for bikes on the road. Some terrain in the area can also be hilly and uncomfortable, which is why many tourists prefer to walk on foot, rent a car or take the train. Great Explorations handles cycle tours. Taxi cabs are fairly expensive but driving yourself around in a rental car may be even more pricey, as some motorways require payment, and fuel is very expensive. In fact, fuel in Turkey is one of the most expensive locations for fuel worldwide. A litre of unleaded gas sells for over 4.00 TL (€1.80). If you want to rent your own car and take control of your trip, you can find rental desks at the terminal of the airport upon arrival. For boat travel, a ferry ride can be arranged and connect you to other cities like Istanbul. Nearby Turkish islands also have a cruise going back to the mainland towns each day, including Dalaman. However, in the winter season there is often a halt on these transports. Train transport is handled by Turkish Republic State Railways, a cheaper option and slower transport than the bus. Bear in mind that there are some tourist areas that the railroads do not stop. There is a station at Ankara and Enveriye. One bonus of train transport is that you can rent more luxurious rooms, including a sleeping car or couchette. For railroad travel, get an Inter Rail and Balkan Flexipass pass, which are valid throughout the country in most cases. The TCDD State Railroad offers discounts to all riders under the age of 26. Since weekend travels are hectic, it is highly recommended to make a reservation well in advance. If you are driving, be sure to note that using a mobile phone while behind the wheel is illegal.

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Language and Culture

The official language is Turkish, with additional common languages including Kurdish, German, Dutch and English, because of the heavy tourist traffic. Younger merchants will recognize English but it’s not as well known a language here in Dalaman as it might be in a larger Turkey city. Stick to simple language and gestures, when there seems to be a barrier.


Safety in Dalaman is not a major issue, but there are always some instances with petty crime, such as pick pocketing. Watch your belongings at all times and avoid travelling in any locations or areas that seem questionable at night. In fact, you’re more likely to see major problems with petty crime in larger cities like Istanbul, rather than in a modestly sized small town like Dalaman. The phone number for police is 155 throughout Turkey, however, in more rural areas 156 alerts the Military Police which exclusively helps rural travellers and residents.

Turkey is actually a fairly secure country, considering they have security checkpoints in hotels, metro stations, museums and even in shopping centres. Have your passport ready because various merchants or government officials may request to see it in various situations.

Wild animals are a larger threat than petty crime, particularly in rural areas of the country. The Black Sea region is the worst, given its snakes and scorpions, but you may also run into some questionable threats in Dalaman. Wolves, bears and wild boars are found in mountainous regions of the country, but they usually don’t exhibit any aggressive tendencies if you don’t follow them or upset their calm. There are also stray dogs in various parts of the country, and away from beaches and popular touristy spots. Rabies is still a threat in the country so don’t take any chances with a stray dog.

Food is generally safe but outdoor merchants selling food in summer are questionable. It is also recommended you wash fruit skins thoroughly to get rid of pesticides. Water from public fountains, and even around mosques, is not recommended and bottled water is encouraged. However, you can alternately boil the water or use chlorine tablets.

Mosquitoes in Turkey are a nuisance but not necessarily the exotic disease carriers you might think. Mosquito raids are common around delta areas, but are less volatile in Dalaman. Still, it doesn’t hurt to invest in outdoor repellent. You may also find tablet formed repellents which are made to release chemicals into the air, throwing the radars of mosquitoes off.


Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.