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Barcelona Restaurants

The diversity of cuisine offered in Barcelona is mind-boggling. Everything from Mediterranean to French and Nouvelle fare are available. Fish and seafood, vegetarian and the local Catalan special eats will keep the palate ecstatic with variety and interesting combinations. Although the food is delicious and unique, remember if you have food allergies, a bit of the language might come into play when warding off gastrointestinal episodes from a lactose intolerant lack of communication. It might serve well to brush up on some common words that may save an unpleasant experience while travelling abroad.

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Fish and Seafood

Who can travel to the Mediterranean Sea and not inquire of the locals for the absolute best fish and seafood fare? Regardless of the season, an unlimited supply of crab, lobster, squid, octopus, shrimp and oysters are available in the many seaside restaurants of Barcelona. For centuries, this city has been blessed with fresh seafood readily available.

Els Pescadors

The one restaurant believed to perhaps the finest seafood eatery in the city is Els Pescadors. In Poblo Nou, far from the centre of the city, it is well worth the trip for this prime dining experience. The location is quaint; lots of trees and positioned on a little square. But the humility of the house shows no reflection of the bold flavours of the menu items once they are served. Delicate fish, calamari, fish fricando, and other tasty delights will keep their patrons passionate at Els Pescadors.

Escriba “El Xirinquito de Bogatell”

Positioned on the beach, this restaurant is an excellent opportunity for an outside dining experience. The wine selection is superb. The menu is well thought out. The food is excellent. Choose from tapas, pellas, and vegetables mixed with rice topped with fish favourites and seaside ambiance. There is no experience like the ocean air-complementing flavour of a Mediterranean Sea fish feast.

Passadis del Pep

Brave patrons repeatedly return to this rustic, yet formal establishment that offers no menu but a daily sampler of what is available at the time. This food is like free art. The chef takes what is offered and transforms it into a dining experience of curious mystery. Clams, anchovies, sea snails, gambas, prawns, and available pescado daily snatched from the sea seem to be presented on the plate as an offering of surprise and intrigue. The place is a bit difficult to find, down a tiny passageway, but always well worth the hunt. Be ready to drink a lot of the local champagne, or Cava.

Pez Vela

Pez Vela is super easy to find, right on the beach under the W Hotel. Open-air dining and uncomplicated choices are a wonderful way to enjoy the outside experience of eating seafood right by the ocean. Seafood tapas, salads, and grilled fish all constitute simplicity in dining, yet still offer a tasty flare for the fare. Music and local beers and wines add to the atmosphere.

Mediterranean Style Dining


Don’t miss the opportunity to scout out the more obscure dining rooms of this ancient city. Some of the recipes are just as archaic, with a Nouveau essence that draws the hungry crowds. For creative cooking and cosy, romantic ambiance, Pla offers many menu options, served with style and class. With a mix of cultures, Greek, Oriental, Italian, and Spanish types of food grace the menu. Pastas, curries, sushis, and different types of salads are available. Brought together with the perfect wine will satisfy the most particular palate.


If it is romance you are looking for, Neri, located in the Barri Gotic, has the coziest atmosphere for Catalan cuisine. Underneath the two famous 12th century arches in the Placa Sant Felipe Neri Hotel, is one of the best dining experiences in Barcelona. An everyday tasting menu is available always at a good price.

International Restaurants

When approaching “The Snob”, or “Menage a Trois”, one might ponder the variety available on the menu presented. Menage a Trois hosts an excellent dining décor, with candles at night and sweet ambiance. Crepes and salads will dazzle the taste buds, but be mindful of the sneaky spicy stuff.

The Snob, a gourmet street food restaurant, is not one to miss. It boasts burgers with everything from Raclette cheese to Stroganoff burgers and even those made with liver. The Snob is only the name and does not reflect the attitude of staff members who are very interested in making great dining available to their patrons. The menu is done with your budget in mind.

There are hundreds of restaurants in Barcelona, all of them wishing their customers a nice dining experience in hopes of many returns. Japanese, Chinese, French, German, and Italian specialties reflect Barcelona as a “melting pot” of sorts for exquisite dining flavours from all over the world.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.