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Alicante Restaurants

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Cerveceria L’Estiu

Cervenceria L’Estiu is a small comfortable café style restaurant, which serves up authentic Spanish food, using regional ingredients. The small kitchen is presided over by one cook who makes fresh to order entrees. The wait staff is friendly. They have some English-speaking wait staff but even when they are not on duty, the wait staff is wonderful and friendly and good at communicating outside of their language.

Most meals begin with croquettes of some kind. The chicken croquettes are highly recommended and get rave reviews from all visitors. This is usually followed by a salad boasting local ingredients like pine nuts and tuna. A meat dish follows. Highly recommended is the rabbit. Rice or Arroz highly fragrant with saffron will leave one satisfied and dreamy and almost unable to eat their desserts on the menu.

The restaurant is open for lunch, tapas and dinner and will open for private parties on request. Cerveceria L’Estiu is a favourite of locals, many of whom celebrate their special days and occasions here. Meals cost around 10.

Liberty Kitchen

Liberty Kitchen is nothing too fancy. Its very small and sparse setting belies the great good food that the happy, friendly staff produce. All American burger-joint fare. The Liberty kitchen serves up excellent burgers and fries, chicken fingers and milkshakes. It seems a tad disconcerting to find American style hamburgers in the middle of the Spanish coast, but sometimes one just needs a burger.

The Liberty Kitchen is almost always packed and some travellers and locals alike have been known to book ahead in order to ensure availability. Along with the very American Hamburger, you will find Americanized dishes like BBQ Thai Ribs and Enchiladas. Also available are vegetarian items like bulgur wheat salad. All the food is presented in English as a part of the restaurant design.

The very small staff of owner/chef and a couple of servers go out of their way to make sure diner’s experience is good. Service is friendly, fast and fun. Meals usually run about 12 with a starter, drink and main dish.

La Vaca

The port of Alicante has long been a crossroad introducing people to new smells and flavours. In keeping with this tradition is La Vaca, an Argentinean inspired restaurant.

Argentina has become a country known for her wine and her meats. La Vaca doesn’t mess with that formula and it shines. Locals love the little restaurant and the fair prices make it a go-to for steaks and La Brassa meats. The meats are imported from Argentina. So too, are the selections of Argentinean wine. There is an increasing amount of Argentinean restaurants in this area, but service and prices matter, which is why La Vaca comes so highly recommended. You can indulge in a steak dinner with starters and a bottle of wine for around 14.


Located in the historic Barrio area of Alicante, Fast&Bio goes way beyond normal tourist trap eateries. Catering to Vegetarians, this restaurant will not disappoint. The newer restaurant uses local and organically sourced vegetable to make pizzas and other trattoria-style menu items like risotto and smoothies.

The location would leave the casual observer believing it caters to tourists, but a large part of the clientele has been built of locals who find it. The lunchtime service is especially busy and as a lot of the food lends itself well to take-out, diners may want to purchase their meals this way and head the few blocks to the beach for a picnic.

The lovely French couple that own and operate the restaurant are charming and love to chat up the customers. They will give you good advice on shopping and sights as well as tell you all about their suppliers.

Meal prices run about 9 per diner.

Vegan Point

Fresh, organic options in a comfortable atmosphere are what diners will find at Vegan Point. This top rated Vegan restaurant, opened by partners from Italy, is well known and liked by the locals in Alicante. The friendly pair is more than happy to welcome everyone into their warm restaurant, even the carnivorous will leave with happy bellies.

Unusual, but welcome for those with four legged friends, Vegan Point does allow dogs in the restaurant. Special note should be made for those who may have allergic concerns.

While the wait staff and chef speak mostly Spanish, as in most great eateries, food is the real language and they are very good and negotiating service with all the people coming through. Vegan Point is also known for its beer, wine and cocktail choices including gluten free beer! With something as hard to find as gluten free beer, you can safely assume there are many great gluten free dining choices on the menu.

Meals here run around 10 per diner and reservations can be made and should be considered in the evening.

Pasteleria- Cafeteria Fyder

Perhaps you are in the mood for some sweets or maybe just some fresh bread. If so, the Pasteleria-Cafeteria Fyder is a local favourite for all your baked good needs. The bakery is open daily and makes pastries, cakes and Bolleria.

Pop in for a couple of sweets made with fresh ingredients with love and experience. Fyder has both traditional baked goods as well as creations the bakers dream up.

Fyder can make custom cake orders for whatever occasion you desire. Fyder is especially known for their lovely fondant decorated cakes. Also provided are catering services. Book your event ahead of time if you are in need.

Don Carlos Alicante

Don Carlos is an extraordinary dining experience. Designed to only serve 22 diners, the goal is to create an individualised dining interaction. To achieve this, there are no menus. Diners are asked three questions upon their arrival-1. Do you have any allergies or dislikes? 2. What is your protein preference? 3. Do you drink wine and alcohol? From this the dining experience is born.

Chef Jorge Jurado and his team designs either a four plate or five plate menus for each individual guest. Ingredients are fresh and local, purchased daily at Alicante’s fresh market. Don Carlos calls this dining concept “Celeste” or Blue.

Wait staff at Don Carlos speak fluent English helping make this experience work for those travelling in Spain. They also have staff available who speak other European languages.

Due to the small seating and interactive style of the menu, the diner gets to know the chef and wait staff quite well. This creates a feeling of being well cared for while being served your meal. Wines are meticulously paired to dishes and the sommelier is eager to tell you about the choices.

Reservations are highly suggested. Prices are a bit high at 115./diner not including wine and beverage choices. The high prices and unique service style may contribute to why the house is rarely full on any given night.

The Marina of Alicante has its own Mediterranean delights built on entrees of fresh seafood and rice. Common fish in the area include red mullets, whiting, sardines, anchovies, tunas and plaices. Entrees to look for include Arroz a la alicantina, a mean and seafood paella, and Arroz de mero y gambas, which is rice with grouper and prawns.
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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.