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Alicante Nightlife

Nightlife in Alicante benefits from heavy tourism and there are many pubs, bars and clubs spread around the city. Many feature great atmosphere in addition to a full-service bar, with village-like settings that are welcoming to first-time visitors. Since Alicante does get rather hot, you will find that nightlife is when the city really comes alive. The El Barrio section of the city, near the Cathedral and the Rambla de Méndez Núñez, is where the most exciting clubs are situated. Other populated areas with plenty of selection include the Muelle de Levante wharf beside the marina and Playa San Juan. Bars close in early morning hours and generally open at 11 pm.

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El Barrio is the oldest part of the city, with narrow lanes leading to various pubs, bars and clubs. The section still has an active nightlife including favourites like La Mision with its dance music, Coscorron’s excellent beverages, and Barrio Havana, a pub known for its young crowd, busy and crowded weekends and house music. This is the centre of the nightlight and drinks are cheap here. You may even find free shots at select bars.

The Port or El Puerto area is where you will find rowdier clubs like Ay Carmela, with Spanish-themed music, and the modern Puerto Di Roma, specialising in dance music. The Potato bar is pricey in comparison but has among the most exciting house music and live performances.

It’s not uncommon for partiers to end a night at 8 am in the morning, having started drinking at midnight, and deciding to leave Barrio for Puerto at around 4 am. Some younger locals save money by passing around “El Botellon”, which is a 2-litre bottle of soft drink spiked with hard liquor. They drink the bottle out in public and enjoy the city view just fine without the high priced drinks.

The beaches themselves have kiosks or “chiringuitos” Postiguet and San Juan beaches, and they provide some much appreciated beverages that only enhance the beach dwelling experience. Esplanada, in contrast, is a summer favourite and has more elaborate musical ranges, including Paseo Conde Vallellano, which plays relaxing classical music as you overlook the marina. This pub is opened late but is also opened in the daytime. A great choice for those looking to enjoy the sunset and have a few drinks.

On the other hand, there are many bars and clubs spread across the city that offer unique nightlife experiences. Calle San Pascual in Torrevieja is a creatively decorated bar with chandeliers, exotic velvet curtains and golden cherubs with a terrace. It benefits from a combination of swanky deco mixed with religious icons, including a cathedral garden and fountain. Café Bar Noray by the marina is also mad for classical, along with another ideal view of the marina, where motorboats and yachts are constantly in motion.

For techno music, look no further than Z Klub and Metro Dance Club, while the ABACO Café provides an eclectic mix of Flamenco, jazz, blues and soul music. El Portal Taberna & Wines provides Spanish local wines and cocktails, while Bar Austin earns points for showing football. Finally, if you’re a bit peckish and also missing home visit the Lighthouse, a traditional British pub.

For something completely different, do visit Clan Cabaret, with its marvellous mix of performance art, comedy, painting and concerts. No visit to Alicante’s nightlife is complete without a stay at Isla Marina, a clubhouse that offers great views over the Mediterranean while serving their one of a kind ice cocktails. This party venue even has live music, a terrace and swimming pool to make the most of your nightlife adventure.

The Las Cigarreras Cultural Centre is particularly unique, as the building is a 19th century tobacco factory that has been transformed into an entertainment venue with a few different warehouses: The Caja Negra or Black Box which hosts live theatre and music, as well as the Casa de la Musica or House of Music and the Patrimonio Cultural Warehouse, which is devoted to Spanish and Alicante culture.

The Teatro Principal de Alicante is the largest venue for live entertainment in the city and attracts entire festivals, not to mention opera performances, dance, concerts and other acts. When planning to sample the nightlife, aim to arrive early to avoid the crowds but understand that most clubs and bars open late, about 11 pm. This ensures everyone has plenty of opportunity to enjoy the party, which seems to never end in a touristy city such as Alicante.

Alicante also has its own regulatory wine council, with Tinto Alicante and Moscatel Alicante earning some attention for quality varieties. Alicante wines, available throughout the city or on the marina, have a fine quality and are known to be especially dense, full-bodied and full-flavoured. The Fondillon is one of the city’s proudest selections, having had a following since the Spanish monarch of the sixteenth century.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.