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Cancun Restaurants

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Vegan Planet

Vegan Planet meets the needs of patrons looking to eat meat free and in a healthful manner. The upbeat atmosphere of Vegan Planet compliments the chef’s commitment to provide healthy alternatives to favourite dishes. Vegan Planet uses only organic items locally sourced whenever possible. Walking into the shop you smell the freshness of the ingredients. It is a pleasant spot to sit and take in any meal, but they also provide take-away.

Vegan Planet also specializes in other hard to find foods like fermented foods, gluten free items and raw dishes. There is a large selection of freshly juiced vegetables. The head Chef is available to talk newbies and old hands through the selection of their vegetarian and vegan meals. Taste and service are most definitely not given up to bring customers healthful selections. With so many people switching over to new ways of eating, informative dining is a rising industry, at Vegan Planet this is a part of your dining experience.

Miguel, the head Chef speaks English fluently, putting customers at ease. Vegan Planet realizes it’s important to not cross contaminate for those with food allergies. When travelling, this can be difficult but never here. Dishes start at £4.

Pik Nik

Located in Old Town Cancun, Pik Nik serves up Mexican street food at a comfortable sit-down restaurant. Outside of the “hotel zone” the prices here are more reasonable with most plates beginning at £6 and big enough to share. Lunchtime is an especially busy time but worth it.

Servers speak English and the ambiance is homey with the owner coming around to check on customers assuring their happiness. The food itself leans a bit toward Tex-Mex with those on holiday being the target customers. If what you are looking for is a happy medium between food that you recognize and authentic food; Pik Nik is the spot.

The outdoor patio seating provides a nice breezy place to take your meal while visiting and watching the street life unfold around you.

Navios Fusion Mexican

For every cuisine, there is a fusion. Navios happily provides an excellent fusion between Mexican cuisine and Seafood, with a decidedly Bistro twist.

Located on a dock in the Nichupte Lagoon, it is picturesque as well. The surroundings set a tone for relaxed conversation against the backdrop of the lagoon. If you are lucky enough to be there at sunset, watching that is enough of a reason to go to Navios.
However, Navios does not slack on its menu. Seafood from off the coast of Mexico is the shining ingredient here with almost all menu items featuring it. You will find Clams smothered in queso or the very popular Sea bass al Pastor featuring avocados and pineapple.

Traveler’s tip: Save room for dessert and Coffee. This is one spot where true Mexican ingredients are married to coffee perfectly, an experience that coffee lovers will not forget. The desserts are more expected, items like Flan and crepes. The execution of the desserts however is very special. Menu items begin at £8. Reservations are highly recommended.

The Surfin’ Burrito

The Surfin’ Burrito is a fresh air/ take away restaurant serving up burritos. What makes it different from other places specializing in burritos is you get to build your own. Choosing your protein, which includes everything from meats to grilled meat replacements, diners can then have as much or as little of all other items on their burrito.

The Surfin’ Burrito is very casual, all seating is outdoors. There is not a lot of shade so either bring sunscreen or order take-away for a picnic somewhere else. The Surfin’ Burrito is also open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, making it a perfect pit stop after a late night out.

All burritos are £6.60. The Surfin’ Burrito also has an alcoholic beverage menu with beers and blended drinks. Most drinks are 1 litre.

Va Q’ Va

Va Q’ Va is a popular restaurant in Cancun. Beloved of both travellers and locals, it began its life as a fish stand. The owner, a former cab driver sold fresh catch to locals and from there began handing out recipes and eventually cooking.

Located in Cancun proper, outside the hotel zone, Va Q’ Va has both indoor and outdoor seating. The outdoor seating is beautiful with its lushly planted garden patios. The menu is centred on the fresh fish caught daily. A special of the house and local favourite is the Tamarindo Shrimp which is fresh caught shrimp grilled with a tamarind marinade.

Most travellers will need a car or to hop public transit to get here. Va Q’ Va is about 15 minutes away from the hotel area. But, you will be immersed in local culture. The menu and staff do not speak English. However, food is something they are used to translating and they do have an English menu if you ask. Plates begin at £4 and are generous in the serving size. One plate can easily feed two.

Kosher Cancun

Sometimes while on holiday, you want home food. Or maybe someone in your group needs to eat Kosher. If so, Kosher Cancun is the restaurant to serve you. Kosher Cancun is mainly a delivery/ take away restaurant, designed to meet the needs of travellers on Shabbat and Holy Days. It has since grown into a full restaurant, but their main focus is still delivery, bringing directly to one’s hotel hot, Kosher menu items that are family friendly.

Indeed most delivery items are family priced, wherein you order an entire meal dependant on the amount of people in your group. At Kosher Cancun, diners get service they would have to ask specifically for elsewhere. All foods are served Kosher with enough plates to accommodate Kosher eating. Also available is wine suitable for Shabbat.

However, one does not need to be Orthodox to enjoy Kosher Cancun. Their lovingly prepared items such as schnitzel, Salmon and Roasted chicken with sides like roasted potatoes, vegetables and salads may be what one on holiday needs if overwhelmed with Mexican dishes. Full Family meals start at £19.


Located at the Ritz-Carlton in Cancun, Casitas is a special experience in dining. Individual cabanas set up on the beach and lit by candlelight set the mood for romance.
This is a fine dining experience with a 5 star Chef overseeing the creation of international cuisine, with an emphasis on Mexican cooking. Casitas is for your romantic night out. Plates start at £85 and reservations as well as formal dress is required.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.