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Cancun Nightlife

Cancun sun bathes all day and parties all night. Those long, drowsy hours on the beach, perfecting that suntan and those afternoon siestas in the shade, build up an energy level that can only be relieved through some evening activity. Since its conception as a tourist designation in the 1970's, Cancun has been crawling with nightlife. Music is always in Mexican ears, with even remote villages crackling ranchera ballads from aging radios. Spontaneous parties in Mexican towns are the norm. Cancun’s spontaneous party atmosphere was quickly followed by formal entertainment establishments, offering live music and a dance floor for its happy customers. In Mexico, the party isn’t over until you collapse or go home. Cancun didn’t really burst into flames as a party capitol, rivalling the free-wheeling gaiety of Ibiza until around twenty years ago, when college students began gravitating there, discovering the celebratory atmosphere was just what they needed for their spring break. Nightclubs and bars began popping up like Mexico’s legendary mushrooms, offering everything from salsa and reggae to disco and alternative music.

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Catching all Night Revelry

Despite their abundance, most nightclubs are packed throughout the week. Many of the bars and nightclubs have an open bar policy. They do not allow you to buy just one drink at a time, but sell you a bracelet that covers your entrance fee and drinks for the evening. If you would rather go barhopping, consider taking advantage of one of Cancun’s barhopping tours, such as Cuncrawl. Cuncrawl will take you to three of Cancun’s hottest nightspots, with VIP entrance (no lines), seating, cover charges, party guide and five hours of open bar. You will find the majority of the clubs on the Kukulcan Boulevard.

If you’d like your tour to be complete with water sports, boat tours and sight-seeing tours, as well as club and pub entertainment, try the hosts with the most. After Dark Events and Entertainment is the number one favoured guide service offering VIP treatment for the finest in late night adventures.

On with the Show

Coco Bongo isn’t just a place to dance, although the stage is often emblazoned with electric performers practically zapping lightning bolts through the ceiling, and the sounds of hard rock bands get hot and heavy. Its late evening theatrics also consist of Cirque dul Soleil styled acrobats, Samba dancers, Elvis impersonators, and musicals. These stunning performances rival the best show time venues of Las Vegas. Reserve a table, settle back and watch the entertainment. With its exuberant mood and plenty of dance floor, it won’t be long before your feet will itch to take part in a little action.

What can be more fun than a party on a boat? At Senor Frog’s Bar and Party Boat, you’ll have a night to remember. Fast service, cheap drinks and live music are only the special bonus points where the rocking and rolling isn’t limited simply to being in a vessel on the water. It’s a great place to take the kids during the day for fun dining and family entertainment but you’ll want to leave them behind once the party begins heating up and the dancing, prancing and all-night celebration begins.

Disco the Night Away

Electric music and disco are a mainstay in Cancun’s enthusiastic night life. Join the beautiful people at the Palazzo and get treated like a rock star! Polish up your best threads for this high class, fast action dance club and prepare yourself for the newest and greatest on what’s happening in the music scene. The club offers an open bar an special VIP express pass.

Rolling at you in a blaze of electronic glory is the biggest dance club in all Latin America, the roaring dimensions of the City Discotheque. The dance floor occupies three levels, giving it a six thousand guests capacity, and features the unique with off the chart performers, spectacular concerts and dazzling light shows

The Mexican Flavour

You have not learned to party like a Mexican until you’ve hung out where Mexicans party. For decades, the popular choice for setting the party atmosphere among the young and the young at heart, has been through the music of salsa. Salsa is the Latin American answer to rock and roll. It sets the pace for dancing, and also, romantic interludes. To dance to it, you need smoothly gyrating hips and very nimble feet.

If you’re not familiar with salsa, or if you are and would like some live-time exposure, sink into it neck deep at the Grand Mumbo Café. Featuring live music Wednesday through Saturday, it’s the rhythm of this seductive beat that inspired legendary early rock stars like Richie Valens and the formidable classic rock performances of Santana. Drop in, feel that special energy that belongs to Mexico and experience the original Mexican party.

Bikini Contests

Naughty or nice, there are few red-blooded males who can resist a bikini contest. There are also quite a few young women who are willing to participate. Dady’O, located in the heart of the Cancun’s nightclub district, hold bikini contests each Thursday night. The prizes awarded average around £1,400, with lesser amounts for second and third place. Visitors are encouraged to participate, but most of the contestants are professional performers who will continue to circulate and enter other bikini contests.

The thousands of visitors who arrive at its door each year, don’t do so just on Thursday nights however. The famous nightclub was architecturally designed to resemble a cavern. From its mysterious depths, thunders the best in DJ sound. Its atmosphere is heightened by a three-dimensional laser light show and state of the art acoustics. The nightclub uses a nightly theme. On Fridays, it plays the best in eighties and nineties dance music. On hip-hop night, they play a range of old to current hip-hop. Hula dancers sometimes grace the stage, while other nights, the beat is set by frenzied go-go girls. At Dady’O, the best time to visit is when it has a theme that caters to your tastes.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.