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Marrakech Nightlife

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Marrakech is a very unique city in Morocco since it carries both a spiritual significance with numerous mosques and Islamic traditions around and at the same time is well reputed for an amusing nightlife with numerous avenues for entertainment. Though a few years ago, it was as difficult to find an alcohol shop in Marrakech as it was to find water in a desert, the entire picture has changed now. Music and dance is the heart core of the city’s culture and traditions. As the sunsets into the scintillating twilight, the party mood sets in for the tourists visiting Marrakech and have access to an array of entertainment options starting from belly dancers performing at ambient clubs, International DJs performances at the nerve-wracking theatre, a relaxed sit-out at the best Marrakech bars, visits to casinos, souks and what not.

Nightlife at Marrakech is a blend of entertainment and cultural events which makes the city distinctive and impressive for any kind of tourists. While those who wish to have a blast with parties and DJs have an attractive nightlife at Marrakech, even the others who wish to visit the city just to enjoy its grandeur with a pinch of culture and tradition also have great avenues for an enjoyable nightlife. So, the best part is that nightlife at Marrakech can be enjoyed even without visiting bars and party floors. Here are some places to visit at nights to have a blast.

Drink at the charismatic bars of Marrakech:

Sky Lounge

Sky Lounge could be called the well-designed bar of Marrakech lodging at the roof top of the Delano Marrakech Hotel. The best highlight of this lounge is the beauty of the sunset view from the top of the hotel building.

Nikki Beach

This is the most beautiful place to hang out with a sip of our favourite drink at night. The styles in which the pool is built give the place an amusing view. Since it is located on the beachside, it is sure to offer a cool and peaceful night experience.

Dance, music and fun at Marrakech


It is known as the largest club in Africa with pool bars, huge disco strands, restaurants and DJ parties. This is the best place to spend one’s weekend with ladies flirting around, an array of drinks and entertaining dance and music. Some people even call it the “Adults’ Disney land”. The massive party hall provides a fantastic avenue for eccentric enjoyment and maddening thrill.

Casino De Marrakech

Another avenue for entertainment at night in Marrakech is a visit to the Casino De Marrakech at the EsSaadi Gardens & Resorts. All casino lovers would vouch that this casino is one of its kind. It provides avenue for international tourists to gain an experience playing with the locals of the city. Poker tournaments are a frequent event at Casino De Marrakech. Gaming tables and slot machines are available almost round the clock at Casino De Marrakech.

Tanjazz festival

Culture lovers should always plan their visit to Marrakech during festival times. Tanjazz is one such festival, which would amuse both party lovers and culture lovers. It is the festival of music and dance wherein one can witness, explore and enjoy splendid music and go crazy dancing to the rhythm.


JadMahal otherwise called “Silver”, is an all-in-one entertainment package for international tourists. It has bars, live music, restaurants, night clubs, parties and what not. Listening to scintillating music from local singers and bands with a cup of drink at place with charismatic ambience can be the best way to spend your night. To add on, dancers hit the floor to entertain the visitors every night, which is a sure enjoyment to watch on. Without doubt, a visit to this heavenly place is sure to set in peace in you and be a remembered visit forever.

African Chic

African Chic is yet another place to enjoy good music live in Marrakech. Apart from the attractive array of cocktails that they offer, the appealing look of the place is worth a mention. Moreover, it is a common place where one can spot celebrities all of a sudden.

Other activities:

Desert safari at nights

Spending a night at the desert is a fabulous thing any tourist would relish as good memories. Marrakech desert safari trips are worth for the money paid for. The trip starts with a camel ride during sunset from a nearby hotel to a beautiful sand dune spot. From here, one can have a glimpse of the grandeur and beauty of the sun setting at the desert. The next program is to halt at some sort of an open camp, which has all sorts of entertainment like belly dancing, drinks, and smoking, live music and so on. The camel ride is a rare thing, which not many tourists would have experienced, and also camping at the open desert is an experience that is one of its kinds. Some desert safaris include a stay at the desert under cute tents, which is also a different experience for tourists. So, without doubt, a trip to the desert at night is one of the best things to opt for at Marrakech.

Trekking the Atlas

The great Atlas Mountain is a fantastic asset to the country of Morrocco since it not only adds to the view and attracts tourists, but also has commercial importance. Mountain trekking is one of the adventurous things which most tourist love. However, trekking has its own difficulties as far as camping for rest and food is concerned. Trekking the Atlas Mountain is going to be hassle-free adventure since there are proper camps that enable a luxurious stay on the mountain range itself. The agencies provide the trekkers with everything starting from a proper mountain map, trekking guide, trekking accessories, luxurious place to stay at night, lavish and tasty food, and drinks and so on. A stay at the mountain range is surely an adventurous trip to try out.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.

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Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.